See for Yourself

Welcome to SightLane

Have you ever lost an entire afternoon, researching a User question or a Salesforce bug in your implementation, only to find that the answer was a simple, 5-minute fix? Ever feel like you’ve wasted your time, blindly chasing down an emergency, only to realize after hours or days that it was a “non-issue”?

Don’t worry. We’ve felt that way too. It’s frustrating, right? Salesforce teams and users are busy enough without losing time to wild good chases and sandbox shenanigans. The worst part is, the answers are in there. We just can’t always see them, because they’re hidden under layers of our amazing Flow and code automations.

If we could only know what was happening, as it was happening, directly in the environment where it was happening, we could move with more speed, make heroes of our users and team mates, save boat loads of wasted time, and get more done. That is why we created SightLane.

“We believe that people make better choices when they can see clearly.”

SightLane is a native Salesforce visibility platform that helps teams understand exactly what’s happening in their production Salesforce orgs. Why? So that any team member can understand and respond to questions and issues easier and faster than ever before.

Whether you need to close Salesforce Cases faster, verify scheduled process results, or just help people understand their data a little better, SightLane is ultimately about empowering Salesforce teams to be a better source of help to each other and to the users and customers they serve. It’s about getting Teams Back on Mission and Users Back to Business.

If you want to see and do more on Salesforce with the time you have, I invite you to check out our free SightLane Starter Edition from the AppExchange today. After just 10 minutes with our configuration guide, you will be on your way to better visibility and better work in Salesforce!

With Gratitude,

Eric Whipple
SightLane Founder