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Monitor your business and technical processes constantly and respond to Salesforce events and disruptions faster than ever before.

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Capture.Analyze.Respond. Handle production events automatically.

SightLane’s advanced visibility and response platform empowers teams to track Salesforce process details, analyze them in real time, and take immediate resolution actions, leveraging powerful automations in any environment. Our primary metrics are issues avoided and time saved.

Turn 5-hour distractions into
5-minute fixes

Use SightLane Auto-Capture tools OR create custom audits to bake in visibility. Then, configure SightLane responses to analyze events and take action automatically, saving your team thousands of hours per year.

Powerful Visibility in Just 10 Minutes

Elevate Salesforce Monitoring & Intelligence Immediately

Configuration is super easy with our setup guide. Start tracking runtime processes “automagically” on day one.

  • Catch and Analyze every flow and Apex error
  • Connect monitoring log details to open support Cases

AutomationDriven Response

Respond with “Best Fit” Automations and Notifications

High Impact Events? Senior technical resources causing a CRM bottleneck?  Let SightLane manage event responses or notify the right resources in real time.

  • Empower admins and devs to solve complex issues on their own.
  • Cut out the middleman with SightLane Auto Response technology.

Faster Resolutions with No Waste.

Less Research. Fewer Meetings. Shorter Disruptions.

Are production surprises putting delivery timelines at risk?  Too much time spent on technical research and issue discovery meetings?  Find answers quickly with Event LiveStream and historical search.

  • Respond to user needs in real time.
  • Don’t just acknowledge questions…answer them.

What Our Customers Are Saying

“SightLane is my secret weapon for reviewing user support tickets. If a record or process result looks out of place, I use SightLane to find out why.”

CRM Business Analyst
Quality Team

“Thank you, SightLane. This level of information is incredible!”

Salesforce Admin / Developer
Midwest Community College

“Before SiteLane, everything came through my team. Now, super users can triage employee issues and solve many of them without creating IT tickets.”

Director, Enterprise Architecture
National Field Service Organization

Ready to Reduce Issue Research Times by 50% - 70%?

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Visibility that is baked in from day one.

Check out these easy "How-To" guides for creating visibility and intelligence in any part of your org.

for Flows

Auditing business processes is as simple as Drag and Drop.

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for Code

Easily track Apex logic and errors, no matter how complex.

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for Integrations

Quickly surface issues with integrations and external systems.

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