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What if you could see inside your production environment in real time? Announcing the immediate availability of the SightLane Spring ’24 release. You won’t believe how much easier Salesforce can be!

Our nightly data integrations used to need a babysitter! Now we don’t even look at them. If something goes wrong, SightLane will let us know and take the first steps to resolve things automatically.

Finally, I can focus on more important work. This is SO much faster!

Integration Team Lead, Ivy Tech Community College

New Spring ’24 features designed to give you more for less.

More Plug and Play Monitoring

Now you can track Flow and Apex errors, batch jobs, scheduled jobs, future methods, and more…without touching your existing implementation!

Just plug in SightLane and issue updates start rolling in like magic!

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Introducing the SightLane Response Engine

Take immediate action and respond automatically to production events. Notify Users, create Cases, or execute any Flow you can dream up! Configure SightLane to triage and handle issues end to end, so you don’t have to!

New Monitors in Just a Few Clicks

Need to monitor a new process? Use the all-new Monitor Builder tool to easily create monitors, configure archive options, and add responses in one place.

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Ready to save tons of time, stop chasing bugs, and get more done?

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And this is just the new stuff in the Spring ’24 release! Not familiar with SightLane yet? Want to know how to save your team loads of time every week? Check us out on the AppExchange!

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